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Hi again. Back on track.
First of all thanks for following me. It's really great to share what i do and recieve feedbacks. I guess it's the basic thing of this job (in addition to the neverending study).

Since i usually update my FB page or my tumblr with studies and other stuff i won't post on deviant, these are my links (in case you want to follow my future progress/sketches etc.)


And my portfolio:…

Keep up the good work!

Hi guys, this is my new profile. No nicknames. I usually get bored and i really don't want to close another deviant account
just because the name doesn't suit anymore. :)

I'm going to submit old things and things!

See yah!

Salve gente, questo è il mio nuovo profilo. Niente più nicknames. Mi vengono a noia dopo poco tempo e non ho intenzione di chiudere un altro account di deviantart solo perché il nome del profilo non mi piace più.

Pubblicherò a breve vecchi lavori e si spera... anche nuovi!

A presto!